Self-portrait photography has so many creative benefits – from the freedom of not relying on anyone else to an empowering form of self-expression, giving a voice to your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and stories. These posts cover how-to-guides on technical and conceptual self-portrait photography, ways to use self-portraiture to explore and communicate, self-exploration and my own personal experience as a self-portrait artist.

Embracing the Shadows

These images show a darkness I have fought against. They show the health issues that I’m carrying, the tiredness and the loss. For all those reasons I want to reject them but I can’t because what they also show is the process. We can’t just live in the end result, the healed, the better, the evolved. We have to go through the fire to get there.

Self Portraits and Body Acceptance

I have never had an easy relationship with my body. I was virtually unaware of it when I was young. I was an active child, brought up in the age when TV was the only screen we had and we watched an hour after school and a movie on the weekends. The rest of my […]

Shooting Black and White Self-Portraits

I’ve always been drawn to black and white photography. There’s something that’s both simple and striking about a monochrome image, especially a portrait, where the absence of colour strips away a layer and allows light and emotion to take centre stage. That said, my own experiments with black and white photography have previously been less […]

Behind the Scenes: Marionette

I wanted to portray a space with no defined boundaries – no indication of where it starts and ends, how big or small it is or what it’s made of. I wanted to explore how we react in that space, not knowing what our parameters are, standing and falling and rising again. I wanted to […]

Creating a Conceptual Self-Portrait

Conceptual photography, at its core, is about communicating a message, an idea, a theme or a story.  To convey a concept in a single frame, the artist has to consider every step from planning to shooting and editing, so that each element in the image is purposeful and cohesive. To illustrate this point, I wanted […]

Vulnerability in Art

I have an inner art critic. Most artists do I suspect, given that creativity often requires us to dig into the deeper, scarier parts of ourselves and bring them to light, a task that is daunting at the best of times. Add to that the perceived judgement of others on our skills, ideas and technical […]