I take photos to make the world go quiet.

There is a blissful fading of noise that happens when looking through a viewfinder, as though the act of considering just one element of life through the structure of a four-sided frame blocks out all other distraction.

My photography is many things – an art of observation, a noticing of details, a place of connection, an interpretation of ideas, an unravelling of thoughts. I often feel like I’m trying to capture a feeling that I’m not able to explain.

I’m drawn to the seemingly fragile, the dance between shadow and light and the relationship between humans and nature. I believe in compassion, creativity and curiosity and my favourite images are the beautiful mistakes.

Artist Bio

Andrea Chapman is an Australian photographer, writer and artist. Her work is a study in contrasts, capturing the quiet dialogue between light and shadow through a delicate exploration of the fragile, transient and unseen.

Creating behind and in front of the camera, her subject matter stretches from intimate details of nature to expressive self-portraiture. Her work is inspired by a deep connection to the natural world and exploration of human form, emotion and experience, finding intricate parallels between the two.

Andrea’s compositions draw on elements of minimalism and introspection, often focusing on a single isolated subject. Working in monochrome and muted tones, and incorporating motion and texture, her work is characterised by an elegantly sensitive quality, crafting images that are not just seen, but felt.