Andrea Chapman is a fine art photographer creating images that speak to our imagination and inner selves. Focusing primarily on the medium of self-portraiture, Andrea uses both her camera and physical expression to explore and process emotions and experiences, aiming to visually communicate feelings that can’t be put into words. Supporting images in nature and still life photography assist in creating a soft, muted and sentimental aesthetic that speaks of growth through fragile balance. Andrea’s work displays core themes of searching for beauty in the delicate, decayed and faded, invoking feelings of both melancholy and hope.

Andrea began her creative process exploring painting, drawing and film photography before moving on to a self-taught practice of compositing and photomanipulation focusing on conceptual and surreal pieces. In 2016, Andrea completed a year of formal study in photography, moving her focus to capturing more in camera with less reliance on post-production. Her current style takes influence from both disciplines, featuring a base of digital photography with editing used to evoke mood, create surreal elements and add an organic quality to the finished pieces