[ about me ]

This is the page where I should probably list off things like my achievements, my skills, my qualifications and so on. But that’s not really who I am, and it’s not why I create.

So here are some snippets of me…

Whenever I can I have bare feet. I like to feel the textures beneath me, but mostly I just like to feel free. When it gets really cold, I steal my husband’s woolly socks that are too big for me – recently he offered to give them to me and I refused. They feel more cosy because they are his.

Little things make me happy – wooden floorboards, well brewed tea, dried flowers, fairy lights, getting lost in a book, random lines from songs that match my mood, the warm wind when it blows from the north and the spring sun on my skin.

I love the sound of rain on the roof at night, it’s a rhythmic and soothing lullaby. I grew up in a house with a metal roof and the rain reminds me of home. I watch the way light hits the things around me, it creates magic if you open your eyes to see it. The small details in nature are my favourite – delicate, fragile and amazing.

My images don’t just show what is in front of the camera, rather they are a visual experience. I want you to feel the fragility of a butterfly’s wings, the soft comfort of a pet or the nostalgia of the end of the day by the ocean, as the sun sets and everything turns golden brown.

I believe that inspiration is like a cat. When it is sleeping and you try to wake it, it gives you a withering look and returns to its slumber. But when it awakens, it demands to be noticed. It will get between you and everything else you are doing until you engage with it and give it your full attention.

I spent a long time trying to develop a “style” of photography. Now I shoot whatever calls to me. I try not to overanalyse it and I fail often at this. But every image is a moment, a connection and the photos I shoot from my heart, rather than my head are always more beautiful.