Creative inspiration comes from so many places and yet it can be elusive and hard to pin down. Here I explore creative themes and ideas that form the basis of my photography as well as tips on finding inspiration.

Keeping a Visual Diary

Finding inspiration and maintaining a flow of ideas and creativity is one of the hardest parts of being an artist. I know I, and many other artists, feel like inspiration should be easier to capture – after all we are creative beings, seeing and interpreting the world through whatever creative medium we choose. We see […]

The Cycles of Creativity

My creativity comes in ebbs and flows. I used to think that I was failing as an artist if I wasn’t consistently producing work. As soon as I had finished an image or called a series of photos complete I was looking for the next idea and this often left me frustrated and unable to […]

Finding Inspiration: Music Videos

Where do you look when you are searching for inspiration for your photography? Growing up in the 80s and 90s, music was a big part of my creative inspiration. I remember Saturday mornings watching Video Hits and late nights watching the music video countdowns on Rage. These were the days before we had such ready […]

Creative Themes – Things That Inspire Me

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the themes I come back to in my work. I’ve been in a period of artistic downtime and it’s had me trying to come up with different ideas to get the creative juices flowing again. Part of the process of trying to find something new has naturally involved […]