Editing is an integral part of my photography, allowing me to create soft, moody and dreamy aesthetics, add texture and depth and create conceptual and surreal elements. A look at my editing techniques, tools and inspiration.

Creating a Conceptual Self-Portrait

Conceptual photography, at its core, is about communicating a message, an idea, a theme or a story.  To convey a concept in a single frame, the artist has to consider every step from planning to shooting and editing, so that each element in the image is purposeful and cohesive. To illustrate this point, I wanted […]

Creating imperfection in digital photography

Recently I wrote about being drawn to film photography – the warmth, the imperfection and the hands-on nature of shooting it. From this, I’ve been thinking more and more about the individual nature of photos taken with film. Each one truly is a moment in time. The light, the reactions of the film, the variations […]

Shooting and Editing: Behind the Scenes

Who doesn’t love a good peek behind the scenes or a before and after to see how the final shot was created? Being able to see how images I admire were put together enables me to learn and try new techniques. On top of this, seeing that some of the most amazing images can be […]