As photographers, creating a series allows us to explore and express an idea or concept at a deeper level. Creating a cohesive body of work is a different experience to shooting single images, requiring more planning to shoot and edit across multiple images, tying them together but also letting each stand on its own as part of the story.

Early Morning Macro Photography

The thing about lockdown is that time moves slower. This is both good and bad – it has felt like a long winter (my least favourite season) but I’m also more connected and aware of the subtle changes in nature that signal the coming of spring. After a sleepless night, I crawl out of bed […]

Behind the Scenes: Marionette

I wanted to portray a space with no defined boundaries – no indication of where it starts and ends, how big or small it is or what it’s made of. I wanted to explore how we react in that space, not knowing what our parameters are, standing and falling and rising again. I wanted to […]

The Therapy of Creating a Body of Work

Creating a body of work – a series of pieces that cohesively go together to form a bigger story is a very different practice to creating single images. See, a body of work is usually created over time and time means an idea has space to grow, to develop and evolve. In my experience the […]

The Making of “Four Walls”

I don’t fit in the spaces I used to. The edges rub leaving scrapes and bruises. My limbs ache from being curled in the same position for too long. The walls breathe and with every breath they squeeze a little closer. About a month ago I was struck by inspiration. A concept for a body […]