Creative Themes – Things That Inspire Me

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the themes I come back to in my work. I’ve been in a period of artistic downtime and it’s had me trying to come up with different ideas to get the creative juices flowing again. Part of the process of trying to find something new has naturally involved […]

Finding Your Voice Through Self-Portraits

Have you ever taken a self-portrait? If the answer is no, why not? I’m going to go ahead and guess that if you’ve never ventured into creative self-portraiture (but you’d like to) it’s not a lack of technical knowledge on how to be both behind and in front of the camera that’s holding you back. […]

Shooting and Editing: Behind the Scenes

Who doesn’t love a good peek behind the scenes or a before and after to see how the final shot was created? Being able to see how images I admire were put together enables me to learn and try new techniques. On top of this, seeing that some of the most amazing images can be […]

The Making of “Four Walls”

I don’t fit in the spaces I used to. The edges rub leaving scrapes and bruises. My limbs ache from being curled in the same position for too long. The walls breathe and with every breath they squeeze a little closer. About a month ago I was struck by inspiration. A concept for a body […]