The Cycles of Creativity

My creativity comes in ebbs and flows. I used to think that I was failing as an artist if I wasn’t consistently producing work. As soon as I had finished an image or called a series of photos complete I was looking for the next idea and this often left me frustrated and unable to […]

Behind the Scenes: Marionette

I wanted to portray a space with no defined boundaries – no indication of where it starts and ends, how big or small it is or what it’s made of. I wanted to explore how we react in that space, not knowing what our parameters are, standing and falling and rising again. I wanted to […]

Creating a Conceptual Self-Portrait

Conceptual photography, at its core, is about communicating a message, an idea, a theme or a story.  To convey a concept in a single frame, the artist has to consider every step from planning to shooting and editing, so that each element in the image is purposeful and cohesive. To illustrate this point, I wanted […]

The Therapy of Creating a Body of Work

Creating a body of work – a series of pieces that cohesively go together to form a bigger story is a very different practice to creating single images. See, a body of work is usually created over time and time means an idea has space to grow, to develop and evolve. In my experience the […]

Vulnerability in Art

I have an inner art critic. Most artists do I suspect, given that creativity often requires us to dig into the deeper, scarier parts of ourselves and bring them to light, a task that is daunting at the best of times. Add to that the perceived judgement of others on our skills, ideas and technical […]

Finding Inspiration: Music Videos

Where do you look when you are searching for inspiration for your photography? Growing up in the 80s and 90s, music was a big part of my creative inspiration. I remember Saturday mornings watching Video Hits and late nights watching the music video countdowns on Rage. These were the days before we had such ready […]