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Self Portraiture

Self portraits are something I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with. I’m inexplicably drawn to them as a form of creative expression and yet they play so strongly on my insecurities and self confidence. This time last year I began the process of creating one of the most personal bodies of work I have to […]

Doing Something

If you are reading this post, it comes with a warning. At first it may sound pretty defeating. It may sound like a big whining session about how unfair the world is and how others all have it better. It may make you want to stop reading and go and do something more pleasant and […]

Living Creatively with Limitations

I believe that living a creative life can be one of the most rewarding things we can experience as human beings and yet so often it seems that we find reasons not to do it. It’s too hard, too tiring. Inspiration won’t present itself, ideas are too foggy. I don’t have time, I don’t have […]


“You’re wishing your life away” he says but how can I not when there is a world outside, a world of daylight, of towering trees and shifting sands, of shutter clicks and paint stained fingers.

A More Natural Approach to Beauty

Fot the last 20 years or so I have punished my body. A lot. Literally from the moment I hit my teens my body and I have had the worst relationship. When I say body, I mean the whole package – feet, legs, hands, belly – face and hair in particular. I hated it for […]

The Little Things

Cages can take many forms. A job that takes up most of your days but doesn’t fulfil everything you need. An illness that drains your energy. A friend that you want to help but can’t reach. A dream that’s time has not yet come, or worse that has passed you by when you looked away. […]

Coffee and Cats

Here are some things about me. I want to be a free spirit. I want to explore, to find beauty in the everyday, to watch stormy skies and pouring rain, to walk barefoot in warm sand, to lift my head to the wind and feel alive. I also experience chronic pain and fatigue, work a […]